Charlotte, NC’s Secure Warehousing Service

Protect your products, increase productivity and save time. Our services cover every corner of the warehousing and transportation industry. Whatever your needs, we have them covered.

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To store your company’s goods in a safe, dependable place, all you have to do is call HE Transolutions and ask about our warehousing service. Our storage facilities come with advanced features including climate control. Our team can advise you on what the temperature should be set at depending on what you’re storing. We have refrigerated units as well for those who work with poultry, produce, or anything else that needs to stay cold.

Trucking Services

If your company is a supply chain or manufacturing plant that needs to distribute its products as quickly as possible, we also provide cross-docking. With this service, your goods are transferred from one truck to another over a cross-docking terminal-and warehousing may not even be necessary depending on how far the destination is.

In either case, our trucks serve as temporary warehouses, and we do our best to properly maintain each vehicle. Our three owners, Phil Holland, Danny Hepler, and Mitch Eaker, boast a combined 70 years of transportation experience, so every aspect of our truck service has been designed with foresight and care.

Every driver knows your shipment’s itinerary beforehand and makes sure that there’s nothing ahead to cause a detour. Refrigerated trucks are, of course, available, and for extensive jobs, we can use a combination of truck, freight, and port transportation.

Once your items are in their storage unit, you can count on us to distribute them at the time you designate. With our pull-pack-ship service, we’ll pull the items, pack them expertly into the truck, and ship them off with efficiency.

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In addition to our location in Charlotte, NC, we have warehouses in Atlanta and Jacksonville. HE Transolutions serves the entire Southeastern United States with integrity, so give us a call today to learn more about our storage options.